Hung Over Hell's Fire

by Slow Descent

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tscargle856 Okay everyone, get ready. This band is going to take over. It's already beginning here in Arizona, everyone loves these dudes. They care about their scene and put out amazing music. Support these dudes!!! Favorite track: Ambrosia.
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released February 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Slow Descent Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Witch Hazel
1. Witchhazel
(A magic spell)

I can’t twist my tongue
To form a curse
Evil enough
To describe you
I can’t twist my tongue
But one day, when I do

I will put you in your place

You’ve finally earned it
Eternal happiness

If I cut you, you’d not bleed
Only hot air escaping
Pulled off the axis into the sun
Breaking the hinges of gravity

You’d kill everyone in the world if it meant you’d be happy
You’d take everyone from the earth if it’d rid you of loneliness
I turn my head, I know you get busy

I feared death until the need for hope was nullified and
What comes next can’t hold a candle to the emptiness of life

I can’t twist my tongue
To form a curse
Evil enough
One day when I do

I will put you in your place
Because I will only speak the truth
I will put you in your place
I will speak the truth
Track Name: Red Geranium
2. Red Geranium

Pledge yourself to a concept
Force yourself into skin
Break the rules of society
And down with all dead stereotypes

And praise them like a god
Bring them pity and admire them
Like a sick child
And let them die knowing they died in vain

Or pull down the statues
Break the head off the beast
I will die standing
And live in constant vigilance

Constant vigilance
Constant vigilance
With eyes open I see everything

You’ll die without honor

People like you, waste all your life
Try to get away with what you want to get (away with)
And one day will die, leaving behind
The unholy mess of a sociopath

God sees your collection
The spoils of religion
And all the people say
Amen, amen, amen

And die without honor
Track Name: Ambrosia
3. Ambrosia
(Mutual love)

Blurring the lines
I’ve heard this version too many times
And there is little left
Unsaid, so pick your side

Pit yourself against
A system that says I was born right
Constant in condemnation
Of souls with bodies different than mine

The barbarian sharpens his ax
Against the cold stone of the mountain
Wisdom and compassion
Are my only, truest weapons

Fear is your god
And arrogance your christ
Excuses are your mistress
And hatred is your wife

It’s not how you were raised
It’s what you choose to do now
It’s not an obligation to feel guilty
But there’s ground to reclaim
Hand in hand, we will walk as one
The way it was planned
No power of hell no scheme of man
Can knock us down

Pit yourself against them
We will walk as one
Track Name: White Lily
4. White Lily

Dark days are behind me
Dark days are ahead
She’s singing out so sweetly
And I am falling out of step

On the road less traveled
I am often alone
In a town of religious zealots
With no faith but plenty of booze
God damn

She’s the voice I can’t stop hearing
She is singing every day

Straight edge til death
Straight edge til death

Step aside when they step up to you
When it is time to fight, my kind will stay true
Step aside when they step up to you
When it is time to die, my kind will stay true

Like the ones who came before me
I am carrying the torch
They said I hope we’re not the last
But we live on forevermore

Track Name: Hydrangea
5. Hydrangea
(Frigidness, heartlessness / gratitude for being understood)

Introversion and pats on the back
Encouragement and praying
And the cycle keeps on spinning

Fill my cup with understanding
So I can feel finally fulfilled
And maybe soon stop sinning

Is this victory you speak of
Are you speaking life, made to love
Lose my soul and steal the show
Ignore the truth of pain in the world

We are born
Into pain
Born into hate
Formed out of hate

Faith filled and full of love
Cross eyed completely drunk
Are you making your god happy
All while mankind is dying

Judas swings, while you sing
“I love the way you hold me”

Judas swings

We are
Hung over hell’s fire

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